Gel Polish vs Regular Nail Polish

While both have their merits, today we'll be discussing why gel polish might just have the upper hand.

1. Longevity:
Gel Polish: This is where gel polish truly shines. With proper application, gel manicures can last weeks without chipping. The UV/LED light cures the polish, making it bond stronger to the nail.

Regular Nail Polish: Regular polish, while beautiful, might start chipping after a day or two. Depending on your daily activities, you could find yourself reapplying or touching up within a week.

2. Drying Time:
Gel Polish: Another advantage of gel polish is the rapid drying time. Once you've cured your nails under the UV/LED light, they're completely dry. No more accidental smudges or waiting around!

Regular Nail Polish: Traditional polish requires air drying, which can take a long time. Even if it feels dry to the touch, you can still dent or smudge the polish hours after application.

3. Shine and Finish:
Gel Polish: Gel manicures are renowned for their glossy finish, which remains shiny throughout its lifespan. This salon-quality shine is hard to achieve with other products.

Regular Nail Polish: While many regular polishes have a lovely finish, they often lose their shine after a few days, especially without a good quality top coat.

4. Strength:
Gel Polish: Gel polish often adds a layer of protection, making nails feel stronger and less prone to breaking, especially when using rubber bases or builder gels. This can be particularly beneficial for those with brittle nails.

Regular Nail Polish: Provides colour but doesn't always offer the same level of protection against breakages.

5. Removal Process:
Gel Polish: This might be a double-edged sword. Gel polish requires a specific removal process using acetone and often some gentle buffing. When done correctly, it ensures minimal damage to the nails.

Regular Nail Polish: It's easier to remove but, depending on the pigment, might stain the nails without a proper base coat.

In Conclusion:

While regular nail polish will always have its place in the beauty world due to its ease of use and nostalgia, gel polish offers benefits that are hard to overlook. For those seeking longevity, shine, and a salon-quality finish that lasts, gel polish is undoubtedly a game-changer. Whether you're a nail tech, a DIY enthusiast, or just someone who loves a good manicure, it might be time to give gel polish the spotlight it deserves.

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